Alaska Berries: Abundant, Delicious, and Jam-Packed with Nutrition

By: Dear North Team July 21, 2016

Our berry-picking season is short, but very sweet.

The long days of Summer sunlight plump up Alaska berries with luscious flavor and high-powered nutrition. Salmonberries are ripe for picking right now and will continue maturing well into August. They look like large orange-ish raspberries and have a tart flavor with a hint of spiciness. We like them in preserves, jams, compotes and pies. And yes, that color is reminiscent of salmon roe.

First blueberry sighting.


Blueberries are just starting to come in now.

They’ll be popping up everywhere, well into August. You can fill your week’s quota of antioxidants while taking a walk around here. In Southeast Alaska, berries thrive in our rainforest climate. They love lots of rain and wet hillsides that catch the sun. Naturally we bake and make jams with our berries. We freeze them, too, so we can still get our fill through Fall and Winter.


Off we go, to stock up on salmonberries.


Our idea of a farmer’s market.

Wild berries – blueberries, huckleberries and salmonberries - thrive in our backyards, by the rivers, and along any trail or road. In fact, my mom used to catch me as I was heading out the door with a “You are going outside? Bring a bag along!” Sharing nature’s bounty is ingrained in our culture, and a gift of berries from someone’s yard is always met with a smile. Bears love them, too, so we stay on our toes. You can definitely hear them coming.


A fresh-picked, perfectly-ripe salmonberry.


A quick course in antioxidants.

Wild Alaska berries are extremely nourishing. That’s because they get stressed by our intense climate. Extra-long Summer days force them to produce more phytochemicals, the stuff that makes them so good for us. Wild berries can help to balance your body’s reactions to diseases and toxins. They help you produce antioxidant enzymes that protect you from ultraviolet rays and exposure to pollution. They’re natural anti-inflammatories, too, so they help prevent cardiovascular disease. They even regulate blood sugar.


Berries and bites. The ultimate snack.


Looking for nutrient-rich snacking? Berries and Bites are ideal for hikes and picnics, or even as colorful hors d’oeuvres on a Summer night.

From Alaska With Love