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By: Dear North Team November 10, 2016

Salmon Shines In Our Holiday Meals.

Given the nature of hospitality here in Alaska, we're known for family gatherings that go on and on and on. Our turkey dinners are consumed quickly, and requests for food and snacks just keep on coming. Fortunately, we have abundant delights stored in our pantries and freezers. Everything from flash frozen veggies to jarred berries and smoked salmon. Our treasure trove of wild-caught Sockeye is on hand, waiting to be pulled out any time at all. We smoke most of our Summer catch, drawing on thousands of years of tradition, local flavors, and some ingenious new culinary profiles. 

Alaska Smoked Sockeye. An abundance of rich flavor and powerful nutrition. 

And here’s something you can be thankful for. There’s plenty to go around, more than enough Smoked Sockeye to share with our neighbors to the South. That’s you!

The Smoked Salmon Six Pack. Savory Fireweed or Coriander & Malabar Pepper. $99.99. A 15% savings. 


Two Delicious Reasons To Order Generously For The Holidays.

 One is giving. Sharing what we have comes naturally to us. So when we get invited over to someone’s house, we never show up empty-handed. It’s the same with you, of course. A jar of Smoked Sockeye, wrapped in tissue and a bow, is a hostess gift that will create a stir – ooos, ahhhs and even some great dishes. Great stocking stuffer, too.

Smoked Salmon Blini. From Brunch To A Light & Fantastic Lunch.

Two is hunger. You would think that a massive Thanksgiving dinner would hold people for awhile. But you know how that goes with houseguests and family in town. It’s one meal after another, until everyone packs up and heads home. Good to stock up for the entire season. You can order either six jars of Savory Fireweed or six of Coriander & Malabar Pepper.  Or order one Six Pack of each flavor. Try putting out a jar or two with some special crackers, your favorite cheese and a nice Pinot Grigio. Or try one of our devour-able recipes. With these light & healthy dishes & appetizers, you can get yummy mileage out of each jar of Smoked Sockeye.


Then There Are Snacks. Family Outings Run On Delicious Nutrition.  

Four flavors of Salmon Bites, six packets in all. $61.99. A 14% savings.


Taste of Alaska Salmon Bites. Delightfully Nutritious Staying Power.

 At some point everyone wants to get out of the house during the long holiday weekends. Friends and families will gather for a hike, a movie, or just a day of fun. Supply them with bags of berries and packets of Salmon Bites for well-rounded snacks that’ll keep them going strong. And they’re easy to sneak into the movies!

Photo by Loren Kerns.


Photo by Loren Kerns.


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