Coriander & Malabar Pepper Smoked Salmon. A World Apart.

By: Dear North Team August 25, 2016

A New Flavor That Begins With Perfection

Yes, we bring the best salmon in the world to the table. And, yes, you tell us that our wild caught Smoked Sockeye is absolutely delicious. But as people who practically live on salmon, we like to spice things up a bit. From our long history as traders and travelers, we knew just where to go for an exotic new flavor.


Our wild caught salmon, the best on earth.


From The World Capital Of Captivating Flavors And Spices.

The Turkish spice bazaars in Istanbul are at a global crossroads, mixing Mediterranean flavor profiles with Middle Eastern. We explored these exotic scents and tastes, choosing spices that would compliment our Smoked Sockeye, to perfection. Our new flavor is made with an aromatic brine that includes ground coriander, cumin and Malabar black pepper. Then it’s lightly smoked with alderwood, bringing a fragrant spiciness to the taste, with just a tingle of heat.


Turkish spices inspire our new flavor. 


From Our Hands To Your Table.

Every jar of our Coriander & Malabar Pepper Smoked Sockeye makes the journey to you with a reverence for our traditions. Our salmon fillets are hand-cut, infused with flavor and lightly smoked. We hand-pack them in glass jars so you can reuse them. As always, we draw on our centuries-old traditions, catching only the fish we need, preserving and sharing what we have, and infusing our rich, wide-ranging flavors with creativity and ingenuity.


Handled with care, every step of the way. 


So Now. Which Flavor Will Be Your Favorite?

Here’s a thought. Order both of our Smoked Sockeye flavors, and invite some friends over for a salmon tasting. Lay out crackers, pour some white wine, and open both jars. If you’ve already tried our Savory Fireweed, you know it has a delicate taste that comes from brining in a light, fireweed-infused lemon honey nectar. And if it’s a hint of heat you’re after, reach for the Coriander & Malabar Pepper. Let us know which one’s the flavor you love most! (Although we secretly think you’ll love them both.) 

From Alaska With Love