Forget The Tech, Ties & Tees. Just Feed Him!

By: Dear North Team June 16, 2016

What is the perfect Father’s Day gift? Something you know he loves, and given from the heart. All the better if it comes with the added bonus of time spent with you. So, skip the shopping and wrapping this year and feed him. He’ll love it.

Have a meat-loving dad? Try baby back ribs from Williams Sonoma.

Help him get a grip when he’s camping or on a road trip. Or does he need a mug that’ll stand up to his commute? For this, we love the Filson XtraTuff Coolie mug.


Does he have a sweet tooth, that maybe you inherited? Nothing beats these New York brownies. Just add milk. 


Does he dream of snowy mountains and pristine waters? Open a jar of Dear North Smoked Sockeye Salmon and serve as is, or surprise him with the recipe below for Smoked Salmon Fettucine Alfredo. You can even pop open a bottle of champagne and make it together.  


Smoked Salmon Fettuccine Alfredo

One jar of Dear North Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon

400 grams uncooked pasta of Dad’s choice, fettuccine, penne, ziti etc. (cook according to package directions)

4 large garlic cloves – finely chopped

8 oz cream cheese – light or low fat - cubed in big pieces.

2 cups organic chicken or vegetable stock

3 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

2 dashes hot sauce

3T feta cheese

Drizzle olive oil in a large skillet, enough to coat the pan. Sauté garlic on low heat for 30 seconds then add the cubes of cream cheese spreading it around the pan to melt. Once it starts to melt and stick to the pan add 1/2 cup chicken stock. It will look like it is separating but all it needs is some tender loving care with a spatula to marry the stock and the cheese. Keep smoothing out the cheese and integrating the stock as it all melts. Once most of the lumps are smoothed, slowly add the remaining stock, a little bit at a time using a whisk. Crumble & whisk in the Feta cheese. Add Worcestershire sauce and your favorite hot sauce. Turn up the heat to low /medium to thicken a little. Gently fold in one jar of our Smoked Sockeye Salmon and the cooked pasta. To garnish, add two slices of lemon, sprinkle some chives fresh out of the garden, a sprig of oregano and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.


Running late on getting it all together?

Just download a Dear North gift card and tuck it under dad’s favorite breakfast.



However you choose to celebrate the day, we hope it’s pristine, organic, and a ton of fun!  

From Alaska With Love