Hooked On The World’s Best Salmon? These Recipes Will Feed Your Habit.

By: Dear North Team September 8, 2016

Life’s Greatest Ingredient.

Our wild-caught Alaska salmon is the best there is, courtesy of our crystal-clean environment and the stewardship of our fisheries. It is the perfect protein; it keeps us healthy and energized for the active lives we lead. And because you can’t have too much of it, we have compiled a treasure trove of recipes we call “In the Kitchen”. Here, we share our chef-created favorites.

Wild-Caught Salmon Shines In the Kitchen.


Anyone Hungry? We’ve Got A Recipe For That.

We’re giving you so many ways to go. You can make a quick and easy appetizer, a hearty winter dish, a lavish midnight snack, or a colorful fall salad. Many of the recipes call for our Alaska Salmon Bites. They come in four flavors that lend their culinary magic to everything from salads to maki rolls. Our two flavors of Smoked Salmon are the star ingredients in Deviled Eggs, Smoked Salmon Medallions and Stuffed Halibut.

Let’s just give a few of the recipes a run-through. That’s the best way to show you around our kind of kitchen.


Rye Blini with Savory Fireweed Smoked Salmon and Fennel Slaw.


Smoked Salmon That Goes From Brunch To Midnight Munch.

This is an exquisite recipe for showing off your culinary chops. It showcases our smoked salmon’s deep down delicious flavor and sets if off with a zesty fennel slaw.
Wild Alaska Spruce Salmon Bites & Couscous Salad


Play the video, and you’ll see how this quick and hearty salad comes together.

Avocado Maki Salad with Wild Alaska Spruce Salmon Bites.


See how to make Salmon Bites with an Asian twist. Quick and easy for after school or a healthy appetizer.

 Flavor, Nutrition, And The Creative Kitchen.

It’s so easy to love clean, healthy, wild-caught salmon. And you’ll find it hard to resist everything on our new recipe page, In the Kitchen. We love to hear from our talented customers as well. What are you making? 




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