In Alaska, The Holidays Are About Thanks & Giving.

By: Dear North Team November 3, 2016

Celebrating and Sharing Is A Way Of Life Up Here. 

Sharing what we have comes naturally to us. We gather together on our long Winter nights, lend a hand when the weather’s ridiculous, and look out for each other. So if you’re new in town, you’re welcomed. If someone knocks on your door, you open it. If you’re invited to “come on over!” you grab a gift to bring along, usually something you’ve put up or preserved for the Winter. Like a jar of smoked Sockeye or blueberry jam.

 Gift pack of Smoked Sockeye. $51.99, a 15% savings + free shipping.

Making Sure You Have Plenty To Give.

We want you to be able to share our Alaska Smoked Sockeye as generously as you’d like. So we’ve packed up three jars in a gift box: two jars of Savory Fireweed and one of our new Coriander & Malabar Pepper. This is a very nice hostess gift. Someone who’s spending three days in the kitchen will definitely appreciate – and remember – your thoughtfulness. 

And Then There’s Your Uncle Ralph.

Our gift pack will tackle one special person on your gift list, too. The man who wants nothing. If he happens to like salmon, this is one gift he’ll want to keep on receiving. We keep hearing from guys who know their salmon, and they’re saying ours is the best there is. The gift pack will also go over big with those ultra-athletes and crossfitters in the family. They need quality protein on a daily basis. And your mother-in-law will appreciate something she can cook up a storm with. Or maybe that’s your father-in-law.


Smoked Sockeye Sixpack. $99.99, a 15% savings + free shipping.

Family In Town?

No matter how big your holiday meal, houseguests actually get hungry again. Especially if they’re out in the Fall weather, playing aggressive badminton, or seeing every movie in sight. Good to stock up for the entire season with our Six Pack of Smoked Sockeye.  You can order either six jars of Savory Fireweed  or six of Coriander & Malabar Pepper.Then you can just put a jar out with crackers, a nice crisp fumé blanc, and you’re done.

Make a delicious meal from each jar of Smoked Sockeye.

Plus, we have recipes everyone will devour. They’re easy to make, quick, and healthy. Good for appetizers and light meals. And the cook will catch some compliments.

From Alaska With Love