Journey To You. How Our Salmon Makes The Leap To Your Table

By: Dear North Team June 23, 2016
Slip into your slicker and come along with us as we catch and create wild-caught wonderfulness. Note the tender loving care, respect for nature, traditions, and local flavors that are part of the process.

Our fish get to live here, in pristine glacial water that’s teeming with the nutrition they need.

Imagine looking out at what we see every day all Summer long.

Sometimes our fishermen can go a little bit overboard about the catch.

Our Smoked Sockeye Salmon and tender Bites are made with perfect wild salmon. Fresh, pure and 100% natural.

 Each fish is filleted by hand, gently and carefully. Each bite will be loaded with protein, flavor, and omega 3s.


For our Salmon Bites, the fillets are gently and expertly cut into bite- sized pieces.

Both the Bites and our Smoked Sockeye are lightly brined, infusing them with distinct local flavors like wild spruce, fireweed and sea kelp.

The Bites are laid out to smoke before they are dehydrated, translating our age-old smoking traditions into Jerky Perfected.™

For Smoked Sockeye, the filleted salmon is cut in strips, then ever-so-lightly brined and smoked over alder wood.

After smoking, the salmon strips are cut, placed in jars and then pressure-cooked to perfect and seal in the flavor.

The fish is packaged in simply designed, fully air-tight containers and packages. This is snackable salmon that goes where you go and serves as a rich, savory ingredient in your recipes and ours. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.
All our salmon travels to your mailbox for free. Then you can take it from there, one delicious bite at a time.


From Alaska With Love