Pairing Beers & Bites. Good Excuse For An October Fest!

By: Dear North Team September 29, 2016

What’s Your Favorite Brew? We Have A Pairing For You.

The days are shorter. There’s that crispness in the air. And Octoberfest is coming to a neighborhood near you. Up here in Juneau, it’s already getting cooler. It’s raining outside, and we’re pouring some local beers, pairing them up with our Alaska Salmon Bites. We’ve kept things casual, and simply invited some friends over for tasting and comparing.

A scrumptious excuse for getting together.

Solid Advice And An Evening Of Fun.

We called on Alaska’s favorite brewery for some expert advice. Will Race is the marketing manager for Alaskan Brewery and was happy to give us his guidance. He paired our four flavors of Alaska Salmon Bites with some Alaskan brews. And then we had this terribly tough job to do: Tasting some of Will’s recommendations and playing with some ideas of our own.


Not Quite Right. What about something fruitier?

Savory Sea Kelp & Sesame Bites With Alaskan Brewery’s Hopothermia.

Interesting. The first pairing we tasted. Seems like we were all on the same page. The robust flavor of the Hopothermia overwhelmed the slightly salty, delicately smoky flavor of the Bite. We decided to play matchmaker and try a pairing of our own: Alaskan Brewery’s new citrusy Mosaic beer with the Savory Sea Kelp, and it was a great fit.


Close, but… may pair better with another Bite flavor

Wild Alaska Spruce and Alaskan White Ale

We were almost unanimous on this pairing. The white seemed a bit bland against the aromatic taste of the Wild Alaska Spruce. One of us thought the beer added a citrusy flavor to the Spruce bite, but we all believed the White Ale might pair better with our Savory Sea Kelp & Sesame. And so it did.


Really sets off the Amber, don’t you think? 

Spicy Fireweed Honey and Alaskan Amber Ale

This was surprising. Some of us aren’t fans of amber beer in general. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find the sweet and spicy flavor of the Bites reduced the bitterness of the beer and improved the Amber flavor. Several even got a sense of sweetness: “The Bites gave the Amber an almost caramel flavor.”


I like this combo better. How about you?

And The Winners Are…

Hands down, we all loved the Mosaic IPA brew with the Salted Rhubarb and Raspberries Bites. The pairing really got us going!

“There was an explosion of flavor!”

“Drinking this beer with these Bites makes me want to keep eating more Bites.”

“This pairing makes the Bite taste like a berry.”

Then we realized that the Spicy Fireweed Honey paired well with all the beers. That hint of spiciness really stands up to a brew.

After the tasting we kicked around some ideas and a scotch lover in the group brought out a single malt Dalwhinnie Scotch. Very surprised to see how well all the Bite flavors paired with it. He made all of us try it – even the non-scotch drinkers. We agreed. The Bites really smoothed out the edges of the scotch.

As You Can See, We Take Our Snacking Seriously.

Our Salmon Bites fit in, whether you’re having a Friday night “Come on over!” or an on-the-go weekend with friends. We’re always outdoors, even in the rain, and we keep Salmon Bites handy in our packs and pockets. This is Jerky Perfected,™ after all. Enough clean, high-energy protein to keep you going strong.

From Alaska With Love