Exquisite, Extreme, Essential, Alaska

Dear North

When we set out to create our identity, we wanted to show you the Alaska you don't already know – the unexpected and more surprising side.

When most people think about Alaska, they tend to picture raw, massive things – mountains, snow, churning seas, polar bears. But there is another side of Alaska that is equally powerful, strong andinteresting. It’s one of sharing, of our intimate connection to the land and each other, a place of unparalled richness, beauty and abundance. This is the Alaska we want to share with you.

Dear North

The Alaska we know and love

There's a heart and soul, a feeling of delight and delicacy that has a foothold in our endless and rugged landscape. We wanted to share all of this with you – the exquisite tastes that come from such a place, the scents and colors we have to offer.

Our name speaks to this other experience of Alaska

Crafting our identity started with a name. We call ourselves Dear North, to invite you into this surprisingly warm, hospitable and alluring place. Our name is also our love letter to the place where we live. Our wordmark blends elegant, classical typography with stenciling — an unusual pairing that reflects the majesty of our home and the craft of Alaskans.

Dear North

Exquisite, Extreme, Essential

A complement to the word mark and a stamp of origin, the Dear North seal has the Alaska Harebell at its center—a less conventional symbol and one that best illustrates the beauty that emerges from one of the most stunning and arresting places in the world. its scale and beauty are difficult to describe. Exquisite, Extreme, Essential.

Dear North
Dear North

Fireweed Blossoms

Our imagery and color palette

The color palette we choose is drawn from the Alaska landscape: the sea, sky, earth, snow, stone, and its unexpectedly vibrant flora.

From a distance you see Alaska's expanse of seas, sky, earth, snow, stone, often muted by mist and fog. Peeking through all this Is the simple, delicate beauty of the everyday. The blaze and shape of a tundra flower pushing up through frozen ground and Spring snow, the delicious hues of a rain forest, the eye-inspiring fields of purple / pink fireweed.


Everything that swims, grazes and grows here is fully-charged with nutrients. The taste is intensified by our untamed climate. The benefits are almost beyond belief, and the flavors are magical.

We experience exquisite every day: a sublime sunrise, a breathtaking hike, natural beauty like no other, nourishment that's both functional and filled with flavor.

Dear North


Alaska is a place where your senses find delight. From lavish vistas of snow-drenched peaks to the fragrance of a tundra wildflower. We believe you will treasure the essence of our lives here.

Our intense climate requires creativity and ingenuity on a grand scale. And we thrive here because we care for each other. Our extreme conditions foster extreme kindness, hospitality, ingenuity and generosity.

Dear North

Jerky Perfected.™


The severity of Winter protects and preserves our bounty. The blistering and endless Summer days push life to the limits. And here, a warm welcome is a survival technique.

Nutrient-rich food from the most pristine, untouched and unspoiled sources is absolutely essential. Our fish is high in antioxidants, 100% wild-caught, natural, and unprocessed, made and preserved according to time-honored traditions. And our flavor inspiration comes from such a limitless bounty we have, resulting in intriguing, contemporary flavors you can only get from Alaska.

Dear North

Sharing Is A Way Of Living.

From Alaska With Love