From Glacier Bay and Beyond
Dear North

Our ancestors lived and prospered on the shores of Glacier Bay, but the glaciers kept chasing us out. So we moved to Hoonah about 250 years ago.

We thank our extreme climate, remote location and abundant, nourishing food sources for our survival. Today, the town of Hoonah, to the south of Glacier Bay, is our new home, where we continue to live and prosper.

Dear North

Surviving evolves into thriving

While Glacier Bay is now a national park, our culture and traditions call it home. We will soon have a permanent tribal house in Glacier Bay. Here, tribal members will have a place to reconnect with our treasured homeland through ceremonies, workshops, camps, tribal meetings and public events that welcome and educate visitors.

Recreating our place in the world

Huna Totem Corporation has become one of the most successful village corporations in Alaska. It was formed in 1973, under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act enacted by Congress December 18, 1971.

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Dear North
From Alaska With Love