Our Values Are Forever.


Respect is ingrained in everything we do – from harvesting the finest fish, ingredients and materials, to preserving and manufacturing with integrity, to nurturing our relationships with each other.


We use time-honored methods and techniques, combined with innovative thinking, to make exquisite and functional products.


While life in Alaska requires us to plan and rely on our experience, we know that our intuition sometimes trumps even the best of plans.


Our ancestors taught us that the best way to live is to care for our family and friends, the work we do together, and our way of life.

Our Grandchildren’s Grandchildren

We cherish the abundance and beauty that Alaska offers. We believe we may use and enjoy this abundance, but we also must preserve this jewel for future generations. It informs every decision we make.

The Unexpected

We believe in showing you the other side of Alaska – its warmth, the first Spring flower peeking up through the tundra, and the unanticipated sensory experiences everywhere, in every season.


In Alaska, we believe life is to be shared and enjoyed. Please join us.

From Alaska With Love